Paleontology is the study of lives of ancient plants and animals by analyzing the fossil records. This science is concerned with all the aspects of ancient biology such as evolutionary pattern, taxonomic relationship, shape and structure, geographic distribution, and interrelationship with environment.


This course is specially designed for those who have special interest in prehistoric life and its relationship with the environment. The objective of this course is to teach the subjects of geology, biology and, archaeology and clear the relationship between them.

Course Outlook:

Paleontology as a subject can be divided into two parts. One is the study of fossils of animals and their formation. And the other is the study of the ancient climatic forms and environment of prehistoric era. Due to the complexity of the subject, a course is paleontology is offered only at post graduation level. The course that is offered in India is known as the paleontology refresher course.


The candidate must be a graduate in biology or related subjects like geography, geology, etc.

Job Prospects:

The job of a paleontologist is a very challenging and motivating job. This job requires a lot of travel to historic places. Qualified paleontologists get good jobs in archaeological and research institutes in India and abroad. Apart from research, these professional may also join the teaching profession.

Best Places to Pursue:

Only some of the selected institutes offer a course in paleontology in the world. In India only one institute offer a course in paleontology that is the Geological survey of India, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad. In near future may be a few more institutes would start offering courses in paleontology.



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    i hv completed my biology with 79% n i wnt to gt
    admission in palaentology so can i knw the entrance exam dates plz inform me

  2. 19
    adrita paul:

    i want do this course peleontology. but my back ground is arts. last year i completed MSc. ecolo & environmental science Monipan University . If it possible where shall i do this course?? how to make carreer in ecology & envirronmental science or peleontology???

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    I am doing my…. after completion of my course what should I do to get into paleontology? please give me complete details about the course of paleontology…….

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    Tapabrata Chakraborty:

    can I ( a B.Com Graduate) get admission in Paleontological course? Pls tell me. Whether there is any chance in West Bengal?

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    ashwin maiya:

    hi i am currently studying bca 5th sem my interest lies in paleontology but i am a non biology student ie i havent taken biology in my puc i took pcme in my puc so is there any chance that i can achieve my passion in paleontology will any university give me a seat for paleontolgy in India or abroad

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    kindly inform me about the course type, is it pg diploma or degree? Duration of the course and upcoming entrance exam date. And if possible plz give me the other details.

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    shashi mehra:

    i want to know the date of entrance exam of me .thank u .

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    Could you please tell me how I can become a palaeontologist. I am doing my puc second year. Later, I will do But I am very much interested in ancient history. After completion of do I have any opportunities in the field of palaeontology. If so, please let me know. Also let me know the information of the colleges in India offering the courses in palaeontology.

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    I am doing in ece.i am interested in their any chances to do paleontology in master degree level?plz tel me

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    i’m compleet bsc zoology & i’m interesting to paleantology course pls tel the courses of paleantology in pg/pg diploma

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    i’m compleet bsc zoology & i’m interesting to

  12. 9

    I completed in c.e. i was interested in paleontology,shall i have any opportunities.if so please send me to my mail

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    mithun raj.c:

    i have completed Msc in zoology and im interested in studying paleontology can u tell me is there any courses so that i can apply for it.

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    Devansh Joshi:

    What Institute we should acquire in India for the study of Paleontology and what are the hopes and what is the future of this field of study.
    What should I do for get admitted in Paleontology Institution…

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    i chosed agri engineering if this is eligible to study paleontology in GSI?

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    i am a graduate specialised in biotechnology and biochemical whether i am eligible for applying for msc.paleontology…?

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    is there any college in m.p..?

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    I have finished my secondary studies. I want to know that,” is there any U.G. courses in paleontology ?”

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    kanchan mishra:

    i have completed my MSc in geology.i want to know the prospect in palaentologyfor me.

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    i completed i want to know is it sufficient to paleontology or not ?and when the entrance exam?