Pathologist – How to become Pathologist?


Pathologist is basically a doctor who examines the blood, bodily fluid, organs, and tissues of the patients to diagnose any diseases and illnesses. They will give the information get from the diagnosis to the Physicians. These Physicians will interact with the patients with this information and give treatment.  Some pathologists examine the samples taken from the living patients to diagnose any disease or the effect of treatment.

Qualifying Exam

Pathologists should possess Master’s Degree in Pathology from any Institute recognized by Medical Council of India. They should also have done internship or residency training in Pathology. They should be licensed to practice in any hospital. Fellowships in pathology can be done in the following areas given below from any recognized University after doing Master’s Degree course.

  • Cytopathlogy
  • Gynecologic pathology
  • Surgical pathology
  • Clinical pathology
  • Neuropathology
  • Pediatric pathology
  • Forensic pathology

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who possess MBBS degree from any Institute recognized by Medical Council of India can apply for the Master’s Degree course in Pathology. Several colleges in India are providing Master’s Degree course in Pathology for the candidates selected from the corresponding entrance test. Candidates should pass plus two or its equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Biology to apply for the MBBS course. Such candidates should also qualify the entrance test to get admission to the MBBS course offered in various colleges across India.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus two
  • Complete MBBS course
  • Complete MD in Pathology
  • Do any fellowship in Pathology (optional)
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for Pathologist

Pathologists should have knowledge of different diseases and illnesses, different treatments and their effects, anatomy and medical surgical procedures. They should have the knowledge of the chemistry of the body. As they diagnose diseases, they should develop a good analytical skill. They should be aware of the new practices and discoveries in the concerned field. They should also possess good communication skills and report writing skills. They should be able to concentrate for longer periods. They should be able to withstand the pressure from their work.



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    Neha Chugh:

    Although I am just in class 10th from Delhi, India, I am quite interested in medical.
    The field of anatomical pathology inspires me the most and I wish to go forward with this career.
    Any suggestions on how should I go about it.

    P.S- I am planning to complete my studies in government colleges preferably in India(most probably Delhi)

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    i am ( after BSc ) P.G.D.C.P.& D.T. in Pd Ravi shankar shukla University C.G. how to become pathologist ,please suggest me can i have apply to MCI fo registation

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    to whom it may concern
    please inform me about “key elements in pathology process” in PAKISTAN.

  4. 2

    I am a student of 12th.I want know how should I join pathology without MBBS.

  5. 1

    if a bds student can apply for pathology course? if it is not, why?