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Patni Computer System conducts recruitment exam of written format in most of the Institutes across the nation. The Aptitude test of the company is divided into three parts, namely verbal, Analytical reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The first two sections have fifteen questions each and the last section has a maximum of thirty questions. There are a total of sixty questions in the test, and candidates have to clear the test in about one hours and ten minutes. The Verbal part has two main questions. The fist is a passage based and carries a maximum of five marks.

The second is a Fill in the Blanks types. There are ten sub-questions with this main question and carries a maximum of ten marks. The second part is the Analytical Reasoning and contains about fifteen questions. Each of the questions carries a maximum of fifteen marks. The last section or the Quantitative Aptitude one carries a maximum of thirty questions and each question has a maximum of one marks. Both easy as well as pretty tough question are asked in this section. Though the first two sections are very easy and carries the potential to be scored full thirty marks, if attempted patiently and wisely.

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