PhD in human services


Human service is said to be the biggest mean to reach god. What else can be better than loving the people around you? It is said to be one of the most holy act. It proves to be one of the backbones of the society, and definitely an influencing factor too. Without the feeling of human service, society will turn selfish and self centered which will be of no good. The feeling of human services in a way purifies the feeling in society.

Hence, a course in Human services is offered to all those who have a feeling of helping and serving their friends and people around them. Under this course of PhD in human services, various ways and good thoughts are taught to the candidates with the elaboration of its meaning. This course also teaches the ways in which aids and help can be used up. Even research and thesis is done to find out new ways of helping human.

One needs to be at least a post graduate or should have a masters’ degree in order to be eligible for the course of PhD in Human services. The degree should be from a well recognized institute or university.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of PhD in human services is not certain and depends on the student pursuing the course. As soon as the topic or the thesis is complete and is approved, the courses come to an end.

Job prospects:

There are plenty of sectors where one can join after the completion of his or her degree. One can even work under some organizations which aim at helping and servicing humans and society.

Best places to Pursue:

Delhi University

University of Mumbai



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    arun kuamr verma:

    sir i have nominated for the post of inspector in cbec but at the time of medical i found unfit for post because of my one eye is 6/6 and another is 6/60 and i am working in LIC OF INDIA as a permanent employee for 2 year. Now what can i do for consideration for the post of inspector and what is the procedure. Please guide me as early as possible

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    What is the eligibility for phd in human rights?