PHP developer - How to become a PHP developer?


PHP is one among the popular programming languages. Those who develop web application and other application software using PHP programming language comes under PHP developers. The software application programs are developed according to the requirements of the client who uses the same. The first step in the process is to create software development life cycle. The step by step development of the program will be mentioned under this. After checking the feasibility of the project, the programmer starts coding of the application software. The source code of the program is tested for any logical or pragmatic errors. If so it will also be corrected and reviewed again before the final software is released in the market.

Qualifying Exam

The technical education in software development is the basic qualification required to become PHP developer. A degree or diploma course in Computer Engineering with proficiency in PHP programming language is prerequisite to become a PHP developer. The B.Tech degree in Computer Science will be much preferable for high profiled jobs in programming. The aspirants have to pass selection test conducted by government or corporate houses to get selected as PHP programmer.

Who are eligible to apply?

The aspirants who have passed XII class are eligible to apply for bachelor degree courses in Computer science. The HSC class studies should be pursued with Science as the major area of study. Short term courses in PHP programming will also help to obtain junior level jobs in software development firms.

Key elements in the Process

  • Pursue degree or diploma courses in Software Engineering or computer science
  • Develop adequate skills in PHP programming
  • Search and apply for the profile of PHP programmer in software development firms.

Skills required for PHP developer

Those with better analytical and logical skills can consider programming as an apt profession. Adequate technical knowledge in areas of object oriented design, database management etc. are necessary to become a PHP developer. They should be capable to develop and interpret technical plans. Knowledge in Computer Aided Software Engineering tools and skills in problem solving are preferred for these professionals. Good management skills as well as interpersonal skills are also required for them. They should also possess the ability to thrive and work under pressure. They should possess good manual dexterity and good eyesight in creating and implementing software. Both written and oral communication skills are also desirable for those who engage in this type of business.



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