Plastic Surgeon – How to become a Plastic Surgeon?


Plastic surgery is that field in medicine which has gained much advancement in the past few years. It is also known as reconstructive surgery. The field involves many surgical processes which includes restoration or fixing of body parts or changing the facial structure which is abnormal. The plastic surgery is usually done for the patients who have malformations in their body parts caused due to abnormality or any accidents.

Some of the reconstructive procedures that come under this category are repairing cleft lip, broken nose and any other birth defects. Plastic surgeons are the medical professionals who carry out these reconstructive or cosmetic surgical procedures.

Qualifying Exam

Plastic surgeons need rigorous training in this field. At least a degree in Doctor Medicine, specialized in surgery, is required to become a successful plastic surgeon. After completing this degree they have to pursue training in plastic surgery by undergoing residency programme in concerned field. This training will help them to get an exposure in this field. Most of the countries will require qualification in some examinations to become a licensed practitioner as plastic surgeon.

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates who have pursued qualification in senior secondary education or equivalent with Biology and have passed the concerned examinations of any recognized board can apply for the pre-medical course, i.e. bachelor’s degree in medicine. On successful completion of this undergraduate degree, students can take admission for the advanced degree and specialize in general surgery. After this they have to get experience in general surgery through residency programme. Another residency programme in plastic surgery is essential for these graduates to become Plastic surgeons.

Key points in the process

  • Study 10+2 or equivalent with biology and obtain high scores in concerned examinations of any recognized boards.
  • Pursue the bachelor’s degree in medicine, i.e. MBBS from any reputed university.
  • Join for the Doctor of Medicine course and specialize in general surgery.
  • Gain experience in this field by pursuing training through residency programmes. Residency training in plastic surgery is a must.
  • Pass the concerned examinations in order to become a licensed plastic surgeon.

Skills required for a Plastic Surgeon

Candidates need outstanding skills to perform as plastic surgeon. They need a strong knowledge in the concerned field, since they are dealing with the risky jobs. Sometimes they need conversations with other medical professionals and have to interact with different types of patients, so good interpersonal and communication skills are the most important qualities required. They must be able to understand the problems of patients efficiently and make decisions accordingly.



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