Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law: PGDIPRL Course Details


A Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law is a course which deals with the rules and regulations associated with the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). The students will get an overall idea about the statutory rights which allows the owner or creator or an inventor of a specific product to enjoy privileges and avoid others from imitating the same for a specific time period.

In the present world it is very important to have an awareness regarding the terms and conditions for protection of Intellectual Property. This is done in various forms like patents, trademarks copyright or even as designs.

Intellectual Property is unquestionably apparent as one of the main area of specialization in legal practice.  The main objective of the course is to impart proper training in the areas of law and enable the candidates with a deeper understanding of various nuance of Intellectual Property. This will help the Law practitioners to prepare themselves and deal with various issues taking place there from.

Advantages or Benefits of Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law

The main objective of this one year Post Graduate Diploma program is to furnish participant with apt know how on numerous forms of Intellectual Property Rights and develop detailed skills. This includes:-

  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Management  Skills  Related  To  Protection
  • Infringement
  • Commercialization of respective Intellectual Property Right etc.

This unique program will make available complete knowledge of the laws and process related to diverse forms of intellectual property rights. Some of them includes:-

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Geographical Indications
  • Trade Secrets etc.

The law will make available protection against maintenance, looking for remedies against infringement, national and global IPR protection system etc. This also includes IP licensing, IP valuation etc. The Post Graduate Diploma program also impart the knowledge on the divergence between Indian and other countries patent law.

  • Propagate information on national and international IPR issues
  • Create IPR awareness among various professionals.
  • Make acquainted the learners about the documentation and administrative measures relating to IPR in India.

Eligibility Criteria for PGDIPRL

The students who have a bachelor’s degree in any subject are eligible to join a Post Graduate Diploma program. The degree must be form a recognized university.

Admission Procedure for PGDIPRL

The students who are at present in the final year or semester can also apply for the course. The candidates will have to get the application form from the concerned college and properly fill the form and sent it back to the institution along with required documents.

The required copies of documents includes:-

  • Final year mark sheet of Bachelor’s degree
  • School leaving certificate or Birth Certificate
  • Valid Photo Identity like Driving license, Passport, PAN Card, College ID Card, Voter ID etc.

Top PGDIPRL Colleges in India

As the government of India has recognized the significance of the subject, the course is being introduced and offered in the Government Law Colleges. The course is carried out as a 1 year long Post Graduate Diploma Course in Intellectual Property Rights. Some other colleges which offer the course includes:-

  • Global Institute of Intellectual Property (GIIP)
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Institute of Intellectual Property Studies (IIPS)
  • Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
  • NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad
  • National Law University, Delhi
  • Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property law under the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Siddharth College Of Law
  • The ICFAI Law School, under the ICFAI University, Dehradun
  • The National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • The National Law University, Jodhpur

PGDIPRL course curriculum

The PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Right has around 6 subjects. Each of these subjects is for 100 marks each. This is divided in to 80 marks external and 20 marks internal assessment. The course incldes:

  • Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law
  • IPR Case Laws, References and Other Resources
  • IPR Protection: Global and Local Scenario
  • Patent System, Law and Policy
  • Trademark System, Law and Policy
  • WIPO, WTO and GATT 80 40 20 10 100 50

The syllabus of the course is formulated in a way to shape the individuals into a unbeaten professional in the field of study.

PGDIPRL Course Evaluation

Internal Assessment marks will be assessed on the following criteria:-

  • Attendance – 5 marks
  • Two assignments – 10 marks
  • One Internal Test – 5 marks

PGDIPRL Text Books

  • Copyright and trademark laws relating to computers, Pankaj Jain, Pandey Sangeet
  • E-Commerce Law, Paul Todd
  • Important components of patent system, B.K. Keayla
  • Intellectual Property Rights in the WTO and Developing Countries :  Jayashree Watal
  • Intellectual Property Rights in WTO and Developing  Countries :  Talwar Sabanna, Serials
  • Intellectual Property Rights Under Globalization :  Talwar Sabanna, Serials
  • Intellectual Property Rights, Globalization and Global Relations : A Reflection through Indian Paradigm : Kashi Nath Jena, Abhijeet
  • Issues of Intellectual Property Rights :  Edited by Ramesh Chandra, Isha,
  • Law of copyright and neighbouring rights, V.K. Ahuja.
  • Law Relating to Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Designs & Geographical Indications, B L Wadhera, Universal Law Publishing
  • Modern Intellectual Property Law 3/e, Catherine Colston, Jonathan Galloway
  • Patent system and related issues at a glance, B.K. Keayla
  • The Copyright Act, 1957 (Act 14 of 1957) with The Copyright Rules, 1958 & neighbouring rights, Sahni, Ajay, Lal, Nathuni, b. 1897, India
  • The Law of Intellectual Property Rights :  Edited by Shiv Sahai Singh, Deep & Deep Publications
  • Trademark/brand duplication and consumer protection  (perceptual dimensions)  S.K. Grover
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Christopher May
  • WTO and Intellectual Property Rights :  Talwar Sabanna, Serials Publications

Job and Career options for PGDIPRL

IPR is not a much publicized career option still in India. Students will get job as a Patent Attorney. Science graduates who have done PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Right can have a prosperous career in patent law and have great potential in this field.

Patent Attorneys are legal advisors who are capable of providing guidance to the clients concerning protection of their intellectual property. They also carry out the following on their behalf:-

  • Drafting of patent applications
  • Manage correspondence with the patent office
  • Represent the applicant at the hearings
  • Filing opposition proceedings
  • Defending the application against opposition

The students who have completed PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Right will get jobs in different agencies like Government agencies, Research and development units in various manufacturing companies like:-

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics & Beauty Product
  • Design Departments/Units, Agri Based Units
  • Law Firms
  • Research Organizations
  • Voluntary Organizations
  • Publishing Houses
  • Media Units
  • Software Industries Etc.

Corporate houses also employ PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Right holders as in-house counselors. Various MNCs, Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies also require the services of PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Right holders.



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