PTU- B. Pharmacy 2nd Semester-Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II Papers


Punjab technical University is one of the most prestigious and among the well known Universities of the country. It has a very good infrastructure as well as faculty for B. Pharmacy. Pharmaceutical chemistry is a highlighted subject of B. Pharmacy that deals with the use of various chemical probes or compounds to elucidate biology in the basis of chemical genomics.

Paper Description:

Pharmaceutical chemistry mainly involves the study of the development and assessment of therapeutic compounds. It encompasses the designing of drugs as well as their synthesis and their safety. Drugs discovery is the core of pharmaceutical chemistry. This course also deals with the study of drugs proportion in every medicine and their side effects.

Frequently asked questions:

There are just countable number questions which we can see almost every year. These questions along with few important topics are as follows:

The mechanism of stereochemistry and the applications of Beckmann rearrangement reaction.

Short notes or explanations on ironic liquid, supercritical liquids, oppennauer oxidation, etc.

Form Isomers; what are conformational isomers. How drugs properties changes with conformational isomers.

Questions from drugs synthesis.

Paper Pattern:

The paper consists of three sections. The first section is a compulsory one which contains a total of 15 questions each having 2 marks. The total section comprises of 30 marks.

The next section comprises of 5 long answer type questions. Each question of this section holds 5 marks and the candidates can select 4 questions out of these 5. The total marks allotted to the section are 20.

The final section consists of 4 questions from which the candidates need to attempt 3. Each question of this section holds 10 marks and may or may not comprise of subparts. The section holds a total of 30 marks.

Marks and Time Allotted

The total marks allotted for the paper are 80 and the time of completion of the paper is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Text Book of Pharmaceutical Chemistry by Bently and Driver
  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry by Sadtler
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