PTU B. Tech Civil Engineering 8th Sem Earthquake Resistant Structures Papers


Civil engineering is one of the most in demand trade of engineering. With rapid development and progress in the construction arena, civil engineers are getting more and more in demand. That is the reason why the course is well equipped with various subjects that should help the society in its welfare and safety. That is what Earth Quake resistant structures is all about.

Paper description:

The paper Earthquake Resistant Structures deals with study of earth quake and its impacts on the various structures. The course also includes detailed study of the impacts and effect of earth quake of various intensities. Taking all of them into consideration, the course is about designing suitable structures that can be protected and will be safe even after an earth quake.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions about the intensity of the earthquake and its impact are asked almost every year. Apart from that difference between various earthquake measuring devices’, concept of seismograph, its working principle and advantages and limitations also forms an important part of the paper. The question also has numerical with diagram about various joints with weights and one is asked to measure the stiffness and rotation at joints.

Paper pattern:

The question paper of Earthquake Resistant Structures is divided into three main sections. The first section, which is Section A, is compulsory section. One has to answer all the questions asked in the section. The second section, Section B, has 5 questions in it and candidates are asked to answer any 4. Every question in this section is of 5 marks each. The last section, section C, has 3 long questions. Candidates are asked to answer any 2. Every question in this section is of 10 marks.

Time allotted and marks:

The total time one is given to answer the paper is 3 hours. In these three hours, one has to answer a paper of 10 marks.


Fundamental Theory Of Structures by Allan Firmage D

  • Advanced Structural Analysis by Borg Sidney F.
  • Structural Design In Architecture by BRE, Garston Watford
  • Structural Theory & Design by Chaudhari N.
  • Structural Analysis by Fisher Cassic W.
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