Reference Books for IES (EEE)


Electromagnetic Theory, Control Systems, Power Systems, Microprocessors, etc are some of the main topics included under the syllabus of Indian Engineering Services Exam for Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Candidates can clear the exam by referring books like Electronic Communication Systems by Kennedy G, Network Analysis by Valkenburg M. E. Van, Electronic Instrumentation by Kalsi, Modern Control Engineering by Ogata K and Power System Analysis by Stevenson.

Main Topics under IES (EEE)

  • Analog and Digital Electronics and Circuits
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Electrical Machines and Power Transformers
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Measurement & Instrumentation
  • Microprocessors
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems

Books for Electromagnetic Theory

  • Antennas by J.D Kraus
  • Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating systems by Jordan E.C & Balmain K.G
  • Electromagnetics with Applications by J.D Kraus
  • Electronic Communication Systems by Kennedy G
  • Network Lines & Fields by John D. Ryder

Books for Electrical Circuits

  • Engineering Circuit Analysis by Hayt
  • Network Analysis by Valkenburg M. E. Van
  • Networks, Filters & Transmission Lines by Chakravarty
  • Electrical Circuits by Chattopadhyay and P.C.Rakshit
  • Network Analysis & Synthasis by R.V.Jalgaonkar
  • Electric Circuits Analysis by Sivanandam
  • Circuit Analysis with Computer Application by Gupta
  • Introductory A.C.Circuit Theory by Mann
  • Linear Integrated Circuits by Roychowdhury
  • A Text Book of Network Theory & Circuit Analysis by V.K. Chandna
  • Network Theory & Filter Design by Aatre

Books for Measurement & Instrumentation

  • Electrical Measuring Instruments & Measurements by Golding E.W. & Wides F.C
  • Electronic Instrumentation by H.S. Kalsi
  • Industrial Instrumentation &control by Singh
  • Electronic Instrumentation by Kalsi
  • Modern Electronic Instrumentation & Measuring Instruments by Heltrick A.D. & Cooper W.D
  • Electronics Instrumentation by R.V.Jalgaonkar
  • Instrumentation & Process Measurement by Bolton W

Books for Control Systems

  • Automatic Control System by Kuo B.C
  • Control System Theory by Das Gupta S
  • Control Systems Engineering by Nagrath I J & Gopal M
  • Modern Control Engineering by Ogata K
  • Industrial Control & Instrumentation by Bolton
  • Theory & Applications of Automatic Control by Nakra
  • Digital Control Engineering by Gopal

Books for Electrical Machines and Power Transformers

  • Electric Machines by Nagrath  I.J & Kothari D.P
  • Electrical Machines by Mukherjee P K & Chakraborty S
  • Electrical Machines by Sen S K
  • Performance & Design of Direct Current Machines by Clayton A.E. & Hancock N N

Books for Power Systems

  • Power System Protection by Van Warrington A R
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution by Singh
  • Power Systems-Dynamics & stability by Sauer
  • Electrical Power System by Wadhwa C. L
  • Power System Analysis by Stevenson Jr
  • Computer Methods in Power System by El-abiad & Stagg
  • Power System Analysis by Jayachrista

Books for Analog and Digital Electronics and Circuits

  • Student Manual for the Analog Electronics by Hayes & Horowitz
  • Basic Electronic Principles by Millman & Halkias:
  • Digital Principles & Design by Givon
  • Fundamentals of Digital Electronics & Microprocessor by Anokh Singh, A.K. Chhabra, S.Chand

Books for Microprocessors

  • An introduction to micro computers Vol. 2 by Adam Osborne and J. Kane
  • Advanced Microprocessors by Ray and Bhurchandi
  • Intel Corp. Micro Controller Handbook
  • Microprocessors and Interfacing by Douglas V. Hall
  • Assembly Language Programming the IBM PC by Alan R. Miller

Books for Power Electronics

  • Power Electronics, by Lauder C W
  • Power Electronics by Rashid M H
  • Thysistorised Power Controller by Dubey S K
  • Power Semiconductors circuit by Dewan S B & Stranghen A
  • Modern Power Electronic by Bose B K
  • Power Electronics by Subramanyam

Referring e-books will also help you to clear the exam. Another option to prepare well for the exam is to seek the assistance of coaching centers. They guide candidates with comprehensive study materials and model tests.



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