Reference Books for UPSC ESE (Mechanical Engineering) Exam


Heat Transfer, Production Engineering, Machine Design, Thermodynamics, etc are some of the topics included under the syllabus for UPSC Engineering Services Exam (ESE) (Mechanical Engineering). Reference books like Engineering Thermodynamics by Hawkins, G.A, IC Engine by Ganeshan, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by W.F.Stoecker and J.W.Jones, Theory of Machines by S.S.Rattan, Production Technology by Jain R.K. & Gupta S.C, and Production Systems: Planning, Analysis and Control by J.L.Riggs can be used for study.

Main Topics in UPSC ESE (Mechanical Engineering) Exam

  • Cycles and IC Engines
  • Engineering Metals
  • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
  • Heat Transfer
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Production Engineering
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Strength of Materials
  • Theory of Machines
  • Thermodynamics

Reference Books for Thermodynamics

  • Engineering Thermodynamics by Edward Arnold
  • Engineering Thermodynamics by Hawkins, G.A
  • Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics by Van Wylen, G.H. & Sonntag
  • Engineering Thermodynamics by Nag, P.K
  • Thermodynamics by Hollman, J.P

Reference Books for Cycles and IC Engines

  • IC Engine by Colin F Obert
  • IC Engine by Ganeshan V
  • IC Engine by Sharma & Mathur
  • IC Engines by Echward F Obert

Reference Books for Heat Transfer

  • Elements of Heat & Mass Transfer by Vijay Gupta
  • Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by F.P.Incropera and D.P.Dewitt
  • Heat Transfer - A Basic Approach by M.N.Ozisik
  • Heat Transfer by Holman J.P
  • Heat Transfer by J.P.Holman
  • Heat Transfer by Long
  • Principles of Heat Transfer by Kreith

Reference Books for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by C.P.Arora
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by W.F.Stoecker and J.W.Jones
  • Thermal Environmental Engineering by J.L.Threkeld

Reference Books for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery

  • Fluid Mechanics & Machinery by Agarwal
  • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics & Machins by Som, S.K. & Biswas,G
  • A Text Book of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines by Bansal R.K

Reference Books for Theory of Machines

  • Theory of Machines and Mechanisms by Uicker and J.J.Shigley
  • Mechanism and Machine Theory by J.S.Rao and R.V.Dukkipati
  • Theory of Machines by S.S.Rattan

Reference Books for Machine Design

  • Mechanical Analysis and Design by A.H.Burr and J.B.Cheathak
  • Machine Design by Norton
  • Design of Machine Elements by M.F.Spotts
  • Machine design for mobile and industrial applications by G.W.Kurtz, .K.Schueller, .W.Claar

Reference Books for Strength of Materials

  • Introduction to Engineering Materials by B.K.Agarwal
  • Material Science and Engineering by V.Raghavan
  • Elements of Material Science & Engineering by Van Black

Reference Books for Production Engineering

  • A Text Book of Production Engineering by Sharma P.C
  • Modern Machining Process by Pandey P.C. & Shah H.S
  • Production Engineering Sciences by P.C.Pandey and C.K.Singh
  • Production Technology by Jain R.K. & Gupta S.C
  • Production Technology from HMT Publication

Reference Books for Industrial Engineering

  • Production Systems: Planning, Analysis and Control by J.L.Riggs
  • Production, Planning and Inventory Control by S.L.Narasimhan, D.W.McLeavey, and P.J.Billington
  • Productions and Operations Management by A.Muhlemann, J.Oakland and K.Lockyer

Books prescribed for B.Tech degree can be used for study. Study materials collected from web can also be used for exam preparation.



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