Role of plastic engineering course in protecting the eco system


The role of plastics in the day to day life of the individuals cannot be ignored. Plastics are basically used in the manufacture of the other commodities. The general trend is that the plastics are nowadays seen as the biggest hazards to the environment. Hence, as part of the objective to educate the individuals regarding the various aspects of plastics there are various institutes offering plastic engineering course. The main objective of the Plastic engineering is to teach how the plastics can be used in a most eco friendly way.

Importance of Plastic Engineering course

The candidates who have completed 12th class are eligible for the Plastic engineering course. The candidates should score at least 50% of marks in the 12th class. The selection of the candidates to this course is mainly based on the entrance exam. The importance of plastic engineering course mainly involves the positive aspects of plastic and plastic products. The candidates who get involved in this course are taught about the evolution of plastics. The plastics are evolved from different products. Plastics are used in making different products by way of processing etc. The significant thought related to this course should be how to utilize plastics in a way which will not hinder the environment on a whole. The plastic technology should be utilized in a positive way in the society.

When we observe in general, plastic is an object which cannot be decomposed. One of the negative aspects related to plastic is that it leads to the pollution. Plastic will not get dissolved in water also. Hence the introduction of the plastic engineering course is mainly focused at devising methodologies which will help in decreasing the negative aspects of plastics towards the society on a whole. In the present scenario, effective steps are introduced so as to destroy the plastic wastes in productive way. The main motive should be to devise steps so as to eradicate the pollution of plastics.

There are many institutes which offer Plastic engineering course. Apart from the B.Tech course related to Plastic engineering, there are many Diploma courses related to this area. Some of the reputed institutes which offer course in Plastic engineering courses are as follows –

  • University College of Science & Technology
  • Birla Institute of Technology
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Delhi College of Engineering
  • Anna University
  • Central Institute of plastic Engineering &Technology
  • Cochin University

Job Prospects

There are immense job opportunities associated with those who have completed the plastic engineering. This is an industry which is progressing at a fast rate. The candidates can get employed in-

  • Telecommunication
  • Packaging industry
  • Polymer corporations
  • Petrochemicals
  • Research association
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacture of Moulds
  • Engineering Plants

The candidates can get employed in both the government sector as well as private sector companies. The remuneration associated with the job related to plastic engineering is also good. The individuals after gaining sufficient experience in this field can get in to higher job positions.



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