Role of tele-communication engineering in radio signalling


To send or receive a signal through radio waves has always been a significant requirement among the mass. Either for radio transmission, radar capturing, or communication among the soldiers or police men through wireless sets, each and every of such purposes are bent upon a single requirement, which is radio signalling.

The transmission of radio signal from a single station to each and every corners of a nation,  the nationwide transmission of programs being organized on a radio station  and at the same time receiving the responses of the listeners,  are all just child’s play with the radio signalling aspect of tele- communication engineering.  The dangerous entries of the helicopters of the foe within ones region, is detected with the radar signals. These detections are then followed by harsh actions to mould their inauspicious intentions. Not to forget the emergency communications among the soldiers in times of wars, notifying the chief about each and every acts of the enemy, calls for medical support to the seriously injured ones, are all made possible with the significant radio signalling.

These significant features expose the important role of tele communication engineering in the aspect of incredible radio signalling. This course is hence pursued by a great number of students all over the world. The students are enlightened with the information of bunches of radio signals and they then apply this knowledge for other varieties of applications in today’s world. Hence telecommunication engineering is delivering its significant benefits through radio signalling.



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    Avinash Kumar:

    I am student of Diploma ece 4 rth sem. i want take summer training in all India Radio.For this what i have to do.