Sathyabama University- B. Tech in Civil Engineering-4th Sem Mechanics of Solids - II Papers


Mechanics of Solids is a compulsory subject for Civil engineering department. The paper is a study of solids machines which are used in different mechanical machinery. The internal diagram and construction of machines are taught and described in the paper.

Importance of the paper:

Paper of Mechanics of Solids is taught in civil engineering for the students, internal construction of machines is taught in the paper. Construction techniques, building layout are taught in the paper.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Mechanics of Solids II is taught in the 4th semester of the paper. The paper consists of both theoretical and numerical questions in it. There are total of 15 questions asked in the paper, these questions are kept in 2 sections, Section A is of 10 short answer type questions, all are compulsory and Section B is of 5 questions, each question is with internal alternative to choose. Each question in each section is of equal marks. Questions asked in the paper are generally repeated from previous year’s paper.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper are such as Bourdon Pressure Gauge with sketch, mechanics of layout, counter flow & parallel flow heat exchanger, classification system, centrifugal pump, nuclear power plant with sketch, classification of boiler, CAD drawing, soldering and brazing, PMMI, Enthalpy, Isothermal process, IC engine and its type, 1st law of thermodynamics, definition of 3D imaging, applications of compressed air, specific heat, hydroelectric plant with sketch etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks which can be scored in the paper are 80 and time given to get these marks is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Engineering Mechanics by TMH
  • Thermodynamics by NAG
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