Self Motivation Fundas For Students


Well, brain is our central mechanism which controls every process we do be it reading, writing or doing anything. We sure want to be as charged up as never before. Our thoughts control how our brain works and how efficiently we do our work. Even a small pinch of negative thoughts creates a big cloud of uncertainty in our mind. Every now and then we need to remove the negative thoughts to keep up our spirits high. We generally have friends, guides, mentors who always make us believe in our capabilities that, “YES, I CAN DO IT”. But you always don’t have them around. SOLUTION: SELF MOTIVATION.

Staying motivated is a constant struggle against all the thoughts, actions which may shake up our confidence. It’s a battle against depression, ability to just move forward in life. It’s a simple formula as suggested by Winston Churchill,” Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

MOVIVATE your thoughts: Try to think about all the things you have achieved even when things were against you. It just helps you removing the notion of being a failure.

NEUTRALIZE negative thoughts: The biggest MISTAKE people often make is that they continuously fear that they would make one. Just break this jinx because failure doesn’t mean end of life but rather a new start with better approach.

FOCUS on your current goal: If you keep one leg in thoughts of PAST and another in FUTURE, you end up pissing up on your PRESENT. Just make sure that current work you are doing is not getting affected.

BELIEVE in your abilities: Once a wise men said, “If you believe in yourself, things are possible.” There is nothing that one can not do; all you need is belief that you can do it. Just pester your thoughts of possible solution and you will find a solution in no time else guidance is always an option.

KEEP a good company: You never would want to be among pessimist if you want to be a winner in life. A healthy interaction with peer or a friend keeps one motivated and positive.

REGULAR SELF EVALUATION: Always keep a track of things you are presently doing. If you really are doing a good job, you sure would want to nurture your work.

HELP others: Helping others rather helps you imbibe motivational habits. Seeing others do well by your ideas will motivate you to do the same.



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