Social Media - An Emerging Career for Innovative minds


It is the world of contacts and connections. It is not a world which is asking you whom you know; you have to answer how many people know you. Thanks to the technology advancement which really help us to be connected with the people around the world. In early days the telephone and telegraph made people to get closer now it is placed by the internet and mobile world. Now people are sharing thoughts and information with those we never met and a person from rural areas of the country are chatting with an American citizen, who may be in New York or Texas. This is what we called the technological revolution and these are the impact of the innovations made in the human life.

The social media sites are boosting up the trends of getting connected to different kinds of people, both whom you know and those whom you don’t know. Now it is very a rare to find a person, who doesn’t have an account in Facebook or Twitter or Linkdin or Orkut. It is very difficult to find people who don’t use the facilities of Flickr and YouTube and so on. When we are taking the revolution happening in the human life we can neglect the education and career sector. There are many changes these networking and social media sites bring into the life of a student as well as a professional.

Recently FB and MySpace appeared in top news columns of the New paper by providing a larger number of placement opportunities to the candidates in the premier institutes like IIMs, IITs etc. The employers are looking for their prospective talents with the help of these social networking sites. The corporate and new generation sectors are identifying such sites as one of the areas to find their manpower. Today’s scenario is like that as a job seeker or a student, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have your name in registered in job portal like Naukri, Monster or in Time’s Job, but you should have an FB or Twitter account.

For the aspirants of Fashion Technology, Photography, Designers and for the creative people the networking sites have become key. The sites like FB allow the users to upload their photos, videos and their works on their profile. You can share your portfolio and profile with millions of users and may be your future employer is one among them. These sites also share the interest, thoughts and ideas of the individual and if you have the same interest as that of the employer a job is waiting for you. Much easy way to get your job….

As the popularity of the social media increased it has become a new platform for the corporate to perform their marketing activities. Hence it also becomes a business area of a number of innovative entrepreneurs. Now social media agencies are common in the corporate world and it is one of the vibrant job areas for the interesting aspirants. Here is a review of the job and opportunities in the social media….

Social Media Agencies- The concept and the Job

Social media is nothing but a online site or community or a technological application that is formed to manage, share or distribute information both in the textual and graphical format. The social media agencies are taking this advantage and use this for the multiple objectives like launching, promotion, brand management, sales, online reputation management etc. It include not only the networking sites but also the newspapers, television, radio, online broadcasting media are in the list.

The companies like Maruthi, HUL, Infosys etc. are using the scope of the social media so as to find the new areas of investments, creating new channels for their business etc. The Television channels like Star, colors, V etc. are competing each other to built up the social wavelength and thus to connect with their audience. Nokia’s ‘Search for N’ and ‘Tag your Music’ campaigns are based on the social media platform. These campaigns have been so successful.

What is the job of these professionals? These people are the creative minds behind the activities carried on the social media platform. They have to generate ideas in an innovative way, make action plan for the clients and implement those plans into actions. The entry profile of the social media professions is to monitor the activities happening in this platform, analyze and interpret the conversations happening in the social medium. You have to draw conclusion and provide the feedback of the customer to the company, including their needs and demands.

They have to work with the corporate houses as managing the social profile of the company and controlling the communication happening between the customer and the company. It is similar as you are updating your FB status with your personal information but here the only difference is you have to update what is happening around the organization.

What is the Requirement?

The candidates can have an engineering or literature back ground or a postgraduate and management holder can opt for the profession. The requirements here are in terms of the needed skills which is expecting from the candidates. The people may have different backgrounds but the common demand is to have a good analyzing mind. They have to carry the two groups, the firm and the customer. For the professional it is not just a medium to connect with people it is a tool or technique to use to reach out to the targeted audience and make awareness about the brand and a product. It is a technology driven area and one has to take this only a tool to do business, the aptitude and the interest of the person accounts deeply in this profession.

The professional also needs to be energetic and self motivated. They are expected to be innovators who can see the opportunities in the social media marketing and can effectively utilize these opportunities. The candidates must have a good hold on the communication part, which is an essential requirement in this field.

Growth and Pay Pack

The people working here are earning a good amount as salary. For the entry level it can start from two lakhs and can reach the range of 8-12lakhs. Though it is basically vary according to the person and performance.

The growth opportunities avail for the professional in the filed is huge. With some years of experience they can opt for different spaces, such as social media head, Interactive Marketing Specialist, Social Media Evangelists, Emerging Media and Content Manager etc. are some of such positions. They can work with the national as well as the international agencies or with the MNCs. Each day new and new opportunities are emerging for the professional in the field.

Today the definition for marketing changes from the selling to engaging. The hard core sales are not in the frame of the youths and also in the corporate aspects. This is time to be relaxed, but in a creative way…



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