Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary Chemistry Papers


Topics taught in this paper:

The topics which are discussed in this paper are as bonds structure, different types of bond and its properties, conversion of compounds, isomers, reaction rate, reaction coefficient, etc.

Division of paper:

The question paper is divided into four sections as Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D.

Time and marks allotted:

The total time duration allocated for solving this question paper is of three hours and the maximum marks that could be secured in this paper are of 150 marks.

Paper pattern:

The question paper is printed in both the English and Tamil languages. The total no. of questions in this paper is 27.the questions of this paper are distributed among the four sections of the paper. The total marks for this paper is 150. Section A of the paper is of fifty marks. This section of paper contains short answer type questions as objective type, one word answer, etc. Section B of the paper is of thirty marks. There are 20 questions in this section of which only 15 are to be answered. Section C is also of 30 marks and contains short answer type questions. Section D of the paper is of 40 marks and only 4 questions are to be attempted out of the 6 questions.

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    actually iam from karnataka please send the date of enterence examination and i dont know how to fill the form