Tamil Nadu Board Matriculation Exam History and Civics Papers


History & Civics are asked in a single paper in matriculation exam of Tamil Nadu board. History & Civics, both have a vast field of studies. The subjects are taught from the basic classes and they basically contain the history of Indian heritage and Indian constitution. Paper requires lots of practise and students should understand the paper well to score good marks.

Why this subject is essential for Matriculation Students?

Both subjects are very good to study and scoring in the paper will help students to get good grades in their final results. This will give them a chance to choose subjects according to their choice.

What Paper Pattern you cn expect?

Paper of History & Civics consists of 6 sections in it and these questions are divided into different no. of problems. Both History &Civics both have same weightage of marks in the paper. Group A is of 25 questions which are to be answered in one word, all are compulsory. Group B is of 15 questions which are to be answered in 40-50 words. Section C is of 10 questions from which 5 are to be attempted. Group D is of 5 questions of long answer type. Group E is of 1-2 questions from both the parts. Last group contains a question which is a common question from both the subjects.

What questions you can expect in the examination?

Questions in the paper are such as historical conditions of India in different time, constitution of India, laws of India, rights of every citizen etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks which are to be scored in the paper are100 and time given to solve the paper are 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Which books you can follow?

  • History for Class X by Bharti Publications
  • Civics by Together Publications
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