Tata Elxsi Placement Preparation Tips and Placement Process


Tata Elxsi is one of the best known IT sector companies in India. The placement process of this organization which is conducted to select the most eligible candidates is considered to be tough. Its placement process includes three levels of screening. The first level is an aptitude test. Those candidates who succeed in this level can attend the 2nd level of selection which is a technical interview. Those who pass this level of selection can go to the third and the last level of selection procedure which is a Human Resource (HR) interview. After this level they short list the candidates who are eligible to work in this organization.

Tata Elxsi Placement Test

The first level of selection comprises of an aptitude test with separate sections for analytical, verbal, quantitative and technical questions. The verbal section has 25 questions with a time limit of 20 minutes which consist of questions checking one’s basic knowledge in English. The analytical and quantitative sections have 20 questions each with a time limit of 20 minutes which check one’s problem solving skill. The technical section comprises of 30 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes which includes questions from the core subjects.

Tata Elxsi Placement Interview

The second level of the placement process is a technical interview. It includes questions from the core subjects, mini projects, main projects and seminar as well as some questions to check one’s technical efficiency to work in this particular organization. The third level of the process is a HR interview which includes questions to test one’s personality. There will be a self introduction where one has to reveal his strength, weakness, hobbies, as well as his short term and long term goals etc. There will be situational response questions also.

Tata Elxsi Placement Test Preparation Tips

The candidate has to start the preparation for the test well in advance. They can refer the text books of R.S.Agarwal and S.Chand to prepare for the quantitative and analytical sections. The aspirants should go through the previous placement papers before the exam so as to be thorough with the pattern and also can note down the important and repeated questions. They have to focus primarily on time management by practicing a lot of question papers with a time fixed target. They should prepare a study plan which covers all the portions and there should also be some time allotted for revision.

Tata Elxsi Placement Interview Preparation Tips

For technical interview one has to be thorough with the core subjects well in advance. They can expect questions from any of the core areas of their subject. They should go through their reports of mini project, main project and seminar and figure out the expected questions and be thorough with the answers to be given.

For HR interview one’s personality is revealed. One should focus on their appearance before the interview panel. They have to be careful about their dressing, way of talking etc. The communication skill of the candidate is also assessed. They can be given a chance to ask a question to the interview board, so be prepared with a good question. The important factor of an interview is that the candidate has to maintain a good confidence level through out the process.



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