The Tamil Nadu DR. M.G.R. Medical University M.Sc. in Microbiology-Anatomy Papers


The paper of Anatomy is a study in the field of internal bio-functions and internal part of the body. Anatomy deals with the living thing’s structure. Anatomy includes Animal Anatomy, human Anatomy and plant anatomy. The medical science has developed a lot and we have been successful in studying the functions structures of various organs with the help of many new technologies like MRIs, ultrasound, X-Ray etc.

Anatomy-an important subject for Master’s students

The study of Anatomy has led the mankind to know the various organs, their functioning, their structure and all. With this they can find the problems in various systems and ways to solve those problems. This is the reason why Anatomy forms and important part of the Master’s course specially MBBS and M.Sc in Microbiology.

Pattern followed for this Paper

The paper of Anatomy contains questions of essay and short notes type. There are 12 questions asked in the paper. These questions asked are kept in 2 sections as Essay and Short notes. Section A is of 2 questions and question no. 1 is of 7-8 sub-questions which are concentrated on a same topic. Section B is of 10 short notes and each question is of equal marks. The questions asked in the paper are compulsory and there are no alternative.

Questions asked more frequently in the paper

Examples of questions asked are such as Larynx, interossei of hand, circumflex nerve, formation and drainage of Cerebro-Spinal fluid, various sub-arachnoid, claw hand, effects of lesion of right optic tract, histological structure of tonsil, development of tongue, fornix, decidua, prostate, elbow joint, blood supply of stomach, adductor canal superficial palmer arch, medical surface of right lung, histology of thyroid, derivatives of ectoderm, Harvesian system, spinal cord, right atrium of heart etc.

Marks and time allotted for this paper

The paper consist 100 marks and time allotted for the paper is 3 hours only. Students cannot score the full marks as the subject is a purely subjective paper.

Recommended Books:

  • Atlas of human anatomy by frank h netter
  • Anatomy by Richard L.Drake

Tips for the paper:

Students should practise the questions properly and the diagrams and sketches for different internal parts of the human body as these are frequently asked in the paper and good practise is required for that.

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