Top Engineering Companies in India


Engineering is a profession, skill, art and discipline of applying and acquiring practical, social, economic, mathematical and scientific knowledge for designing and building structures, processes, materials, systems, devices, machines and structures that safely realize improvements to the lives of people. The broad discipline of engineering includes a range of more specialized sub-disciplines each with more particular focus on certain areas of application and technology. Like any other fields, the field of engineering also has several top players and the names of these players are given below:

Top 7 engineering companies in India:

HEG Limited

Greaves Cotton Limited

Elgi Equipments Limited

Graphite India Limited

Gammon India Limited

ElectroSteel Castings Limited

BGR Energy Systems Limited

Some of the details regarding these top engineering firms in India are given below:

HEG Limited:

HEG Limited is operating from its corporate office in the city of New Delhi and it has its registered office in the Raisen district of the state of Madhya Pradesh. They are dealing with a wide range of products under different categories like carbon specialty, power and graphite electrodes. The company is a leading firm in the graphite electrode manufacturing section with one of the largest integrated graphite electrode plant in South Asia.

Greaves Cotton Limited:

Greaves Cotton Limited is a Mumbai based company and the company is a leader in engine and infrastructure equipment. The company came into existence in the year 1859 and it has earned the status of one of the leading well-diversified engineering firms in the nation. The company is engaged in the manufacture of a wide range of products to meet the requirements of core sectors, not only in India, but also in foreign countries. The core competencies of this company include construction equipment, agro equipments, gensets and petrol/diesel engines.

Elgi Equipments Limited:

Elgi Equipments Limited is operating from the city of Coimbatore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are offering a wide range of service under different categories like air solutions and accessories, manufacturing and engineering solutions, new generation compressors, railway compressors and OE, automotive equipment, reciprocating air compressors and rotary screw air compressors.

Graphite India Limited:

Graphite India Limited is operating from the city of Kolkata and the company is acting as the largest producer of graphite electrodes in India with respect to its capacity. They are engaged in the manufacture of graphite electrodes, impervious graphite equipment, GRP Pipes & tanks, carbon paste, calcined petroleum cake and several other graphite products.

Gammon India Limited:

Gammon India has its headquarters in the city of Mumbai and they are specialized in a wide range of fields like ground engineering and water supply, irrigation projects, structures, pipelines, transmission and distribution, power projects and transportation in the field of engineering.

ElectroSteel Castings Limited:

ElectroSteel Castings Limited is operating from the city of Kolkata right from the year 1994. The company holds several prides like being the first to set up a Ductile Iron Pipe plant in the nation, first to manufacture grinding media in the nation, first to introduce hi-chrome technology to the nation for cement plant ball mill internals and a pioneer in the manufacture of alloy steel castings in the nation.

BGR Energy Systems Limited:

This company is operating from the city of Chennai and the company came into existence in the year 1985 as a joint venture with a German-based company. They have different divisions like power projects division, oil and gas equipment division, air fin cooler division, environmental engineering division, electrical projects division, etc…and also these divisions have contributed towards the developing of the company as a leading engineering firms in the nation.

In addition to these firms, there are also other top companies like Esab India Limited, Atlas Copco India Limited, etc… in the engineering companies section in India.



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