Top Investment Companies in India


India has earned the fifth rank as the biggest economy in the worlds and the country is considered as one of the biggest hubs for investment purpose among the investors belonging to foreign countries. This is because of the increasingly expending financial system and diversity of industries in the country. Top investment companies in India attract direct foreign investment through favored allocations, technical partnerships, investment markets and financial firms. The investment market in this country is known for the massive work force it has and for the earning and expansion competency. Here is the list of top companies in this sector:

Top six investment companies in India:

Bajaj Allianz

HSBC Asset Management India Private Limited

SMC Investment Solutions and Services

Shah Financial Group

Stanrose Mafatlal Investment and Finance Limited

Tata Investment Corporation Limited

Here are some of the details regarding these top companies in the investment sector in India:

Bajaj Allianz:

This company is a collaboration between Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company limited and Bajaj Finsery and Allianz SE and this is an international known asset management company with a wealth of more than trillion dollars. They are offering their service to more than 70 countries and they are also known as the fastest growing insurance consultants in the world. They are offering a wide range of customized services to their customers.

HSBC Asset Management India Private Limited:

This company with its headquarters in Mumbai has an excellent track record as a leading fund management company in the world. They offer all inclusive range of investment management services to the people belonging not only to India, but also to other countries as well. They are offering a wide range of investment management services like portfolio management, mutual fund, etc… and they are dedicated to executing steady endowment performance.

SMC Investment Solutions and Services:

This company is a recognized name among the fiscal service providers in India and they are offering investment solutions to people belonging to different parts of the country. They have recently expanded their business operations abroad as well and at present they have branches in over 350 Indian cities with more than 1500 branches.

Shah Financial Group:

This company came into existence in the year 2004 and they are presently involved in the distribution trade of home finance, individual finance and business finance through various financial institutions, external business loans, NRI investment, EXIM, buying and selling of debentures, etc…

Stanrose Mafatlal Investment and Finance Limited:

The main activity of this company is to offer investment supervision facilities to its clients belonging to different fields. They are involved in financing, fund market operations, inter-corporate endowments, etc… in the investment industry in India.

Tata Investment Corporation Limited:

This company is endorsed by TATA sons and they are engaged in offering services like allocation of mutual funds and several other services in the investment industry in India and they are operating from their corporate office in the city of Mumbai In India.

In addition to these top six companies there are also other top companies like Toss Financial Services Private Limited, Veronica Financial Services Limited and several other companies that offer best service to the investment sector of the country.



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