U.P Board Intermediate Economics Papers


The question paper of U.P. Board for Economics paper mainly draws knowledge about social science which comprises the studies of analysis of production, consumption etc. Although considered one of the toughest papers to write, there is always a chance to come out with flying colours.

Pattern of the paper:

The question paper contains a total of 30 questions and all the question are required to answer by the candidates. Internal choices are also given for some questions.

Time duration:

The paper is given 3 hrs for completion.


The entire paper carries 100 marks in total. The paper comprised of questions carrying 2, 3, 4, 5&6   marks.

Number of questions:

A candidate has to answer a total of 30 questions.

The Paper:

All the questions are assigned specific word limit and a student should answer within that specific word limit. The question number from 1-10 should be written within the limit of 30 words. The from question number 11 to 18 should be written within 50 words. From question number 19 to 24, answer should not exceed 75 words. 25 to 28 must not exceed 125 words. And the last question i.e. 29 and 30 should be written within a maximum word limit of 150 words.  Answers without any context to the question may give rise to deduction in marks. All the candidates should answer within the prescribed words limit.

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    hindi paper

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    I need economics questions

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    up board 2012 exam papers…
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    what is a use of Economics