VMOU B.A in Public Administration- Development Administration (EPA-03) Papers


This paper outlines the various plans and regulations regarding, the building of a nation and its social and economic strata. The primary motive of this paper is set to familiarize the concept of achievement of the socio-economic goals of a country by exploiting the talents and expertise of bureaucrats and officials.

Importance of paper:

It is a very important field in the administration of any country. The law and order of any nation and the normal development of the resources are directly ofr indirectly dependent on the development administration system employed. For a proper people oriented system the full application of the knowledge should be made.


Paper of Development Administration consists of 10 questions in it with each question having a prefix word limits. Group A is of 3 questions which are with internal choices and needed to be answered within 500 words. Group B is of 7 questions from which 4 are to be solved; these questions are needed to be answered in 150 words.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked are such as importance of development administration, role of bureaucracy in development administration, political demands in development administration, definition of organization, principles of unity of command, importance of leadership in administrative organization, evils of bureaucracy, line and staff organizations, main principles of budget making, significance of communication in administration, hierarchy and its merits & demerits, scientific management and its approach, public relation with psychology, policies in hand reforms in connection with agriculture, concept of modernization and social change.

Time and marks:

Total marks associated with the paper are 70 and time allotted to the paper is 3 hours only.

Recommended books:

Development Administration (Sixth Edition) – Maheshwari

The Problem of Development Administration - Native American Rights Fund

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