WBUT EE 7th Sem Electric Drives Papers


West Bengal University of Science and Technology offers the course in Financial Management and Accounts. This University is celebrated for it high quality engineering faculty and the unmatched studying environment. In the seventh semester of the course, Financial Management and Accounts paper is very important paper.

Paper pattern

The paper is divided into three sections. Group A contains objective type questions, Group B contains short answer type questions and Group C contains essay type questions. The objective questions compulsory questions. There are options in Group B and Group C.

Distribution of marks

The total marks allotted for the paper is 70. The objective type questions carry 10 marks. The short answer type questions carry 15 marks and the essay type questions carry 45 marks.

Duration of the paper

The maximum time allotted for this paper is 3 hours. The candidates are given a grace time of fifteen minutes is given to the students to read the question paper thoroughly. This time should be spent wisely.

About the subject

The subject of electrical drives is very interesting. It is based on electric drives and circuits. It helps the students get an idea of how electric circuits and drives work. The subject is based on diagrams and circuit drawings. Engineering is incomplete without this paper as it gives a basic idea of the electric circuits.

Some Tips
Electric Drives Paper requires in depth knowledge about the various drives which are used for driving Induction Motors and various other instruments. Students can score better marks in this paper if they can draw good circuit diagrams and various graphical representations along with their answers. They have to make sure that their answer contain all the points required.
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