WBUT IT 4th Sem Computer Organization and Architecture (CS 404) Papers


Computer Organization and Architecture is a part of syllabi of other streams like Computer Science, ECE etc. as well. This is a very important subject as it gives knowledge about the complex circuitry of the computer system and how it interacts with the peripherals and meets the system requirements.

What is taught in this paper?

The subject basically comprisesof subtopics dealing in CPU design, instruction Set Architecture, pipelining, I/O organization and memory. Computer Organization is involved to help optimize performance-based products.It also discusses the different types of memory available and how CPU accesses addresses in memory. It helps plan and design computer systems that meet requirements such as performance, cost, power consumption etc.

How many Groups are in the paper?

Alike most WBUT papers this paper is also divided into three groups, namely A, B, and C.

What are the variations in the paper?

The paper comprises of 3 groups with the first one containing MCQs. There may or may not be choices in this section. Group B usually contains 5 questions out of which 3 are to be attempted. Group C is the most significant section as it carries the majority of marks and contains questions based on entire syllabi. Here also 3 questions are to be attempted with unpredictable number of choices.

How are marks distributed?

Group A carries 10 MCQs to be attempted, 1 mark each. Group B requires 3 out of 5 questions to be answered 5 marks each. The last group is to be most stressed upon as contains 3 questions of 15 marks each summing upto 45 marks. The choices in the paper are not constant and can vary from previous years. The total marks allotted to the paper is 70.

How much time is allotted for the paper?

A maximum of 3 hours are assigned to this examination.

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