X-ray Technician – How to become an X-ray Technician?


X-ray Technicians are those people who take and develop x-ray films used for medical diagnosis. They also prepare the patients for x-ray. Usually they are employed in a hospital or medical labs. Apart from hospitals they also work in clinics, diagnostic imaging centers and diagnostic laboratories. The diagnostic imaging techniques performed by the X-ray Technicians are regulated by the State law. Experienced technician may specialize only on a particular imaging technique.

Qualifying Exam

X-ray Technicians need to pass X-ray Technician course to get job in any hospital, diagnostic imaging centers or diagnostic laboratories. They should also be aware of various imaging techniques specified by the concerned firm. High profile institutes will hire only experienced technicians. They should specialize in any of these diagnostic imaging practices such as computed tomography (CAT) scan, mammography, fluoroscopic imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and fluoroscopic imaging.

Who are eligible to apply?

X-ray Technician courses include one year X-ray Technician course or Diploma courses in Radiography. Candidates who have passed Higher Secondary Examination with 50% marks in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together or its equivalent exam can apply for the one year X-ray Technician course. Candidates who have passed 10th can apply for Radiography diploma courses. Experienced technicians should take specialization in any imaging techniques given below

  • Computed tomography (CAT) scan
  • Mammography
  • Fluoroscopic imaging
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Fluoroscopic imaging

Key elements in the process

  • Pass 10th exam or Higher Secondary exam
  • Complete one year X-ray Technician course or Diploma course in Radiography
  • Obtain specialization, if they are experienced technicians
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for an X-ray Technician

X-ray Technicians should possess some skills to do their jobs efficiently. They should be aware of how to protect patients from lead shields. They should have a better understanding of positioning patients for x-ray. They should be aware of operating the controls of X-ray machines. They should also master the techniques of placing the radiographic equipments. They should also be able to detect minor flaws in machines as the x-rays produced by them are crucial for diagnosing injuries and diseases. X-ray Technicians also need to develop respect and consideration towards the patients. It is their responsibility to take care of patients who are in extreme pain.



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