Kuvempu University B.Sc 1st Year Chemistry Paper-I Papers


Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are the key subjects while studying science. So, each of them has an important role in a science graduation degree. The 1st year Chemistry Paper-I under Kuvempu University teaches some of the basic fundamentals of Chemistry.

What is taught in this subject?

The contents of this subject can be divided into four sub-parts. The first part, inorganic chemistry, includes the s and p block elements. The second part is the organic chemistry and it deals with hydrocarbons and their reactions with different chemicals. The third section is about physical chemistry and it mainly deals with solid state and solutions. The last section is general chemistry and it consists of atomic structure and chemical bonding of many compounds.

Division of marks and sections:

The total marks for the exam is 85 and time allotted for the paper is 3 hours. The paper is divided into four sub-sections. Section A contains 1 mark questions. Section B contains 3 marks questions; section C contains 6 marks questions. The last section i.e. section D has 10 marks questions to be answered. All sections are compulsory to answer, however internal options may be present in some questions. Writing equations and drawing diagrams wherever necessary helps in scoring well in the paper.

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