National Institute of Open Schooling Secondary Exam-Economics (215) Papers


Economy is the heartbeat of all the countries and to be economically well-established a country needs strong economic policies and powerful representatives who have good knowledge about the various economical issues and who can bring about some drasting economic reforms to mend any worse situation. This is the reason why Economics has been given so much importance in higher courses as well as in secondary where the students get to the know some of the basic fundas of economics.

Paper pattern:

All the questions in the question paper are compulsory. The students are required to attempt all the questions. The questions from number 1 to 8 are objective in nature. That means each question has four alternative answers out of which one is the most suitable one. The candidate is required to select one among the four options. The correct answer is to be selected and written in the answer sheet against the corresponding question number. The other questions after question number 8 are subjective in nature. They need short answers or answers in brief.
Time allotted and maximum marks:

The maximum time allotted for the examination is 3 hours. The students get an extra ten minutes for reading the paper hence the students should use this time wisely to understand the questions and to mark out the choices that they would attempt.

The maximum marks for the examination is 100. The marks are distributed unequally and are different for different questions. The marks that are allocated for each question are indicated against it.  The marks that each question carries is dependent o n the importance of the questions.

Marks distribution:

The marks are unequally distributed so it is advisable to take hint from the marks that are allotted for the questions and answer accordingly. Questions 1 to 8 carry one mark each. The other questions carry different marks.

Take note:

Many questions come with hints. The students are required to answer these questions according to the hints given. This helps in focusing of the answers and extracting the required answer form the candidate.

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