Netaji Subhas Open University, Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 13) Papers


It is one of the theory papers in the degree of Post Graduate Commerce from the Netaji Subhas Open University. There are a lot of papers under this and this paper 13 is Corporate Financial environment. This paper is encountered in the second year along with the ten subjects that one has to qualify to gain the degree. This is a subjective based paper and the questions are related to the theories of financial management and corporate theories.

Paper Pattern:

In section A, one has an option of choosing two questions out of the four that is there. These are 15 marks questions and make a total of 15 marks in this section. The questions are all long elaborate ones with sub parts for the ease of answering them.

Section B also has an option of choosing two out of the four questions that is there and one has a marks of 10 in each thereby making is 20 marks in this section.

Maximum time allotted and maximum marks:

The maximum time allotted for attempting the paper is 2 hours and the maximum marks one can score is 50 marks. There are a total of 5 questions that needs to be answered so one can distribute the time equally as the marks are not equally divided in these questions. The weight age on this theory paper is 80 %.

Frequently asked questions:

The commonly asked questions are financial system and the constituents of it in India as well as other countries, theories relating to mutual funds and the different types of mutual funds available, functions of stock exchanges, the functions of stock exchange and its history, differentiation between future and forward contract, theories relating to the various non banking financial companies and organizations, capital market etc.

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