Tamil Nadu Board Anglo Indian SLC Examination- Mathematics Paper II Papers


The subject of Mathematics is a compulsory one for the every student in primary and secondary level for the basic knowledge in the calculation. It is a core paper and almost required in every field. The subject is also required in space research for the candidates.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Mathematics contains numerical questions in it as well as theorems and their applications. The paper contains 35 questions in it. These questions are further divided into 6 sections; Section A is of 10 multiple choices questions and all are compulsory, Section B is of 15 short answer type questions and 10 from it are required to be attempted, Section C and D contains 4-4 questions each and each questions has its own alternative to choose from, Section E & F contains 1-1 questions of long answer type.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper contains questions of various type and these are divided into 6 sections as there type. Questions asked are from various part of the book such as Theoretical Geometry, Analytical Geometry, Matrices, Computer Science, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability, Practical Geometry, Statistical Graph etc. The last 2 sections of the paper are of long answer type questions and both questions are of statistics and probability. All questions are needed to be solved by showing proper steps.

Total marks and time allotted:

A student can score a highest of 100 marks in the paper and time is 3hours to solve the paper. Section A is of 10 marks, Section B is of 30 marks, Section C & D are of 20 marks each and Section E & F are of10 marks each.

Recommended Books:

  • Mathematics II by Das & Pal
  • Mathematics II by R S Agarwaal
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