Bharathiar University MBA 1st Year- Marketing Management Papers


Bharatithiar University is one of the most well known universities of the nation for its post graduation programs. Perusing MBA from this university will accelerate your career to the utmost.  The marketing management paper for MBA 1st year deals with the study of market handling in various ups and downs of the market conditions.

Paper Description:

Marketing management is a very important and needful paper of MBA post graduation program. Market management mainly educates as well as trains the students on the issues which are practical and thus, helps them with the knowledge of on field application of the techniques of the market and proper management of a privately owned or public firm’s resources and activities helpful in marketing. The students are trained in such a way that they can handle the responsibility for influencing the level, composition and timing of customer’s demands and can work up to their expectation.

Frequently asked questions:

There are just few questions which are repeated almost every year. Those questions along with few important topics are as follows:

Explain global environment and product concept.

What are the social economic factors in segmentation?

Explain with an example marketing process in India.

What is online marketing? How it is useful? What is its future in India?

Various questions on service marketing, marketing and research, economic marketing in India, skimming pricing, etc.

Paper pattern:

The paper is not divided into any sub parts. The paper consists of 8 questions with or without subparts. The marks allotted to each question is 20 and normally these questions appears with sub parts unlike they are numerical. The students should attempt 5 out of those 8 questions.

Marks and Time Allotted for this Paper

The paper holds total of 100 marks and the time of completion of the paper is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Introduction to Marketing Management, by Rajan Saxena
  • Marketing Management, by Philip Kotler
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