Announcing scholarships of upto Rupees 2,500/- to 30 Students/Professionals

Hello all,

We are very happy to announce that you have a chance to get a scholarship and a certificate from us by taking part in our discussion forum.

Frequently asked questions:

Ques. Why are these scholarships being given?

Ans. To motivate students and professionals to help each other.

Ques. How can I win this scholarship?

Ans. It’s not too hard. You just need to register ( on the forum for free, and help other students getting answers to their queries. Top 30 forum members will get the scholarship plus certificate.

Ques. Am I eligible?

Ans. Absolutely, every one is eligible.

Ques. How would I get the scholarship amount and certificate if I win?

Ans. We’ll send it by speed post or a reliable courier service. Before that, we’ll contact you to get your address details.

Ques. How will you select the winners?

Ans. We’ll select the winners by analyzing the quality and quantity of posts they make on the forum. We’ll see how serious you are in helping other students and taking part in discussions about various topics. See live rankings of members here

Ques. Any tips for winning this?

Ans. Yes, try to answer as many queries of other students as you can and take part in discussions on various topics in the forum. You’ll win.

Ques. When will it start? and end?

Ans. Scholarships starting from 1st and 16th of every month — You can participate as many times as you want.

Ques. When will the winners be announced?

Ans. We’ll announce the winners after the scholarship duration ends. At the same time we’ll also dispatch the scholarships along with certificates.

Ques. What steps to follow?

Ans: Follow these steps and you have good chances of winning this scholarship:

Step 1: Register on the Discussion Forum at

Step 2: After registering, you’ll get an email from us which will contain an activation link. Click that link.

Step 3: Go to here, and you’ll see lots of questions and discussions going on.

Step 4: Start helping and taking part in discussions.

::Important:: Guidelines::

1. Do not copy answers and discussions from anywhere.

2. Do not use SMS language.

3. Do not use abusive language.

Note: If we see good response from students this time. We’ll bring the scholarships again for you.

All the best!