PTU B.Tech EE-3rd Sem -Network Analysis and Synthesis (EE-201) Paper


Insight of the paper:

The Punjab technical university EE- 3rd sem-Network Analysis and Synthesis(EE-201) paper  of Punjab technical university mainly covers various aspects of physics. The contents are generally network equations, graph theory, state variable analysis, network functions, resonance etc.


60 marks is given for the written paper and internal examinations are held for 40 marks. The questions paper has 3 sections on teh whole. And all the questions from section A are compulsory.  Question paper is made in such a way that it includes all the aspects of the syllabus.

Paper pattern:

Paper contains three sections altogether and questions from section A is compulsory for the candidates. Students are given optional questions in rest of the sections. Candidates are required to answer only 4 questions from section B and 2 from section C. The first section contains 10 questions in sum carrying 2 marks for each. And questions of section B are mainly descriptive type, each carrying 5 marks. Last section is long answer type and the question carries 10 marks each.

Recommended books:

1. Van Valkenberg’s “Network Analysis and Synthesis”

2. Sudhakar Sham Mohan’s “Network Analysis and Synthesis”

3. “Network Synthesis” by IVS Iyer

4. Electric circuits by JA Administer

5. Circuit theory by Chakraborty


Circuits Concepts : Circuits Elements,

Independent and dependent sources, signals and wave forms; periodic and singularity voltages, step, ramp,impulse, Doublet. Loop currents and loop equations, node voltage and node equations, Network Theorems,Superposition, Thevenin’s, Nortan’s, Maximum Power Transfer, Reciprocity.

Time and Frequency Domain Analysis :

Representation of basic circuits in terms of generalised freq. & their response, Laplace transform of shifted

functions, transient & steady response. Time domain behaviors from poles and zeros. Convolution Theorem.

Network Synthesis :

Network functions, Impedance & Admittance function, Transfer functions, Relationship between transfer andimpulse response, poles and zeros and restrictions, Network function for two terminal pair network. Sinusoidalnetwork in terms of poles & zeros. Real liability condition for impedance synthesis of RL & RC circuits.Network synthesis techniques for 2-terminal network, Foster and Cauer forms.

Filters Synthesis :

Classification of filters, characteristics impedance and propagation constant of pure reactive network, Laddernetwork, T section, IT section, terminating half section. Pass bands and stop bands. Design of constant-K, m-derived filters. Composite filters!

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    vikram bal:

    what type of questions should be prepared from unit network synthesis? ,…which topics are important for PTU exam from this unit?

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    vikram bal:

    on what topics main stress ,should be given to get good marks from unit, network synthesis,,,,,, and what type of questions should be prepared