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Pay and allowance of Chief Manager of ICICI/HDFC?

Please inform pay and allowances of a chief manager of ICICI/HDFC branch. Allowance admissible for chief branc manager

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Default Re: Pay and allowance of Chief Manager of ICICI/HDFC?

Basically the average salary for a Branch manager in Banking is about Rs.583,830 per year.High pay is generally based and associated with the business development with a good pay for the jobs in banking sector.The more the work experience,the more the salary can be demanded.Generally candidates with more than 20 years can get a good salary comparatively with the ordinary employees.

Branch manager in Banking sector is needed and responsible for meeting the various branch targets sets and sale manager on the basic of the branch performance.The employer salaries approximately in various banks are listed given below in detail:

→ ICICI Bank Ltd (Rs.447 - Rs.868 K),Median: Rs.610,052
→ HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd (Rs.815-Rs.1227 K),Median: Rs.1,016,000
→ And State Bank of India( Rs.429-Rs.726K),Median: Rs.552,620
→ The Bank (Rs.354-Rs.725K0,Median: Rs.483,616

The pay for a Bank manager depends on the Experience level in the Banking Sector.It would be around approximately for Entry level(0-5 yrs) is Rs.480,000 and Mid career(5-10 yrs) is Rs.654,000 and for Experienced (10-20 yrs )is Rs.834,000 and for Late Career (>20 yrs) is aounr approximately Rs.590,000 in the Banking sector.So the entire pay scale depends on the Experience that you have.The various job roles such as Assistant operations manager,Area sales manager,Chief Executive Officers,Business development manager,Business Analyst IT,Assistant vice president,General or Operations manager and more.The allowances are also very good can be achieved by the managers in the Banking sector.
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