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Madurai Kamaraj University is a premier university in the Tamil Nadu State. This university was started in the year 1966 and was named after the historical city Madurai. The university deals with standard infrastructure and quality education. It offers both postgraduate and undergraduate courses in various fields to the young aspirants. M.A in Economics is one of the postgraduate courses offered by this university.

Paper Description

Public Economics Papers basically deals with the information about the various principles of budget planning, the industrial policy in India, nature and scope of public finance etc. The paper also discuss about the important role of government in the case of mixed economy and reasons for it’s succeed. The public economics paper also provides the information and detailed knowledge about food security policies and features of foreign trades etc.

Paper Pattern:

The Public Economics papers deals with long descriptive type questions and the entire questions are divided into two different sections I and II respectively. The first section deals with 40 marks and second section holds 60 marks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The questions that are asked frequently from this M.A in Economics, Public Economics Papers are very less in numbers. The questions are independence between micro and macro economics, features of monopoly and walras general equilibrium analysis etc. Apart from these important ones few are also asked from this paper in most numbers are laws of diminishing marginal utility, pareto’s optimum levels of welfare etc.

Full Marks and Time Allotted:

The total marks allotted for the M.A in Economics, Public Economics Papers is 100 and every student will get total time duration of three hours to answer all the questions.

Books Recommended:

Public Economics [Paperback], Gareth D. Myles (Author)

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