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Hello everyone, today’s question is from Vikas, Delhi and he wants to know “How to join Merchant Navy?”

Vikas, before getting into the details let me just quickly give a basic description of what Merchant Navy is to our other viewers. So guys, Merchant Navy can be described as commercial fleet of passenger, cargo, bulk carrier, container ships and many more which are non-combatant. India has a large merchant shipping fleets which makes the career of Merchant Navy very promising.

Now, to apply for Merchant Navy there is some basic eligibility criteria:

  1. You need to at least complete your 10th grade to apply at least for seafarer position.
  2. Age should be 16-25 years.
  3. You should be physically and mentally strong.
  4. You should have a proper eyesight 6/6 without glasses and no colour blindness.

So, there are two options (One) You can complete your 10th grade and then do some 1-2 years diploma course like Pre-sea Training for personnel, man Dredgers, Tugs, OSVs on N.C.V Deck or Engine and then directly apply for the job in Merchant Navy or (Two) Complete your 12th grade and join as Merchant Navy Officer which will be higher role than discussed before.

Now a days the competition is pretty strong for Merchant Navy Officer posts, so it will be good if you do B.E Marine Engineering, B.Sc Nautical Technology, B.Sc Nautical Science or complete B.E Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics and then apply for 1-2 years Marine Engineering course which will enable you to join Merchant Navy Officer post.

Hope this information will help you guys. See you next soon.

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    Biswajit Sahoo:

    I have a question that,”What is the difference between Indian Navy And Merchant Navy.??