Psychometrician – How to become a Psychometrician?


Psychometricians are the professionals who assess the intelligence and aptitude of the individuals through tests. They will first determine which all abilities are required for a particular job. Then they will create certain specifications and prepare test questions according to these specifications. After the test, they will analyze the test results and check whether it meet all the specifications. Based on this analysis, they assess the psychological attributes of the individuals. Testing organizations are the major employer of these professionals.

Qualifying Exam

To enter into the profession of Psychometrician, the aspirants should first of all complete their graduation in Psychology. Then they should pursue their Master’s degree in Psychology. The aspirants should take psychometry or mental measurement as specialization subjects during the concerned postgraduate course. Also, they should have strong basis in statistics. Then only they can pursue their career as Psychometrician in any reputed organization.

Who are eligible to apply?

The aspirants who have completed their higher secondary course from any recognized Board can apply for the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. There may be sometimes entrance test for the intake of eligible candidates to the undergraduate course in Psychology. If there is no entrance test, then the admission will be made in accordance with the marks obtained in the concerned qualifying exam. Those who are applying for the Master’s degree in Psychology after the graduation should appear for the concerned entrance test. Soon after completing the concerned Master’s degree, one can apply for the vacancy of Psychometrician in any organization. Even so, experience in this field matters a lot for a long term career as Psychometrician. Most of the reputed organizations specify a certain years of experience in the field of Psychometry for the candidates who are applying for the position of Psychometrican.

Key elements in the process

  • Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology soon after completing the higher secondary course
  • Pursue Master’s degree in Psychology with psychometry or mental measurement as specialization subjects
  • Apply for the vacancy of Psychometrician after browsing through the advertisements.

Skills required for a Psychometrician

Analytical skills are the most important skill required for a Psychometrician. They should have good knowledge in common statistical tools used in the organization. Strong critical thinking abilities and problem solving skills are also essential to pursue a long term career as Psychometrician.


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    josephine vallence:

    I am a professional Counselor. I did Ph.D in Counseling Psychology with specialization in Clinical. Based on my fifteen years of clinical counseling experience I would like to update my knowledge in Battery of test. I do administered the battery of test to some of the clients and also do the test interpretation by myself. Therefore may I know whether there is any possibilities for me to brush up testing knowledge.
    Thanking you in advance,
    josephine vallence