Unani is an ancient medicine form of India. Unanipathy or unani system of medicine was founded in Greece. The father of unani medicine, Hippocrates, laid the foundation of this practice. In the unani system of medicine, herbs and medicinal plants are used to cure diseases. It is the unani system that for the first time classified diseases on the basis of different anatomical and physiological symptoms of the body.

Course Outlook:

Bachelor’s of unanipathy is a graduation course. The course is of five and a half year duration. This course is equivalent to MBBS. This bachelor’s course can also be followed by an MD and this in turn can be followed by a Ph.D. The Unani system’s terminology is in Arabic and Persian. Therefore, a candidate having knowledge in these languages may find the system easier to learn.


For a bachelor’s level course, the candidate should have passed the higher secondary school certificate exam from a recognized board. The candidate must be a science (biology, physics, and chemistry) student. The admission is generally based on written entrance tests.

Job Prospects:

The job in the unani medicine still owes its own importance. There are unani medical cells in almost all leading government hospitals. Some of the private hospitals also allot doctors of unani system for their hospitals. The demand for the unani system has undoubtedly decreased due to the growth of allopathic system. But, still there is a section of the society which has firm belief in the unani system.

Best Places to Pursue:

Mohsine Millat Unani Medical College and Hospital, Raipur
National Institute of Unani Medicine
Unani Tibbia College
Government unani medical college, Chennai
Ayurveda unani tibbi college, New Delhi
State unani medical college, Allahabad
Dr. MGR medical university, Chennai



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