ANZ Placement Papers


ANZ or the Australian and New Zealand Banking group is one of the largest banks in Australia. The major operations of this bank are in Australia, but its New Zealand operations are also quite substantial. ANZ is looking to expand its business all over the world and is recruiting more number of people than expected.  No person will want to miss on an opportunity to join such a respected organization. Here we present the paper pattern of ANZ.

Division of the paper:

The placement paper of ANZ is divided into 5 sections. The total number of questions from different sections is different and it is found that they vary from one paper to another. The number of questions in a paper ranges from 70 to 75.

Paper Pattern:

There are 5 sections in the paper. The first section is the Analogy section. There are 8 questions from this section. The second section contains the maximum number of questions and is very important from selection point of view. It is the Technical section. The most questions in this section are from Operating Systems. The other topics asked here are DBMS, Data Structures and Networks. The next three sections are Analytical section, Data sufficiency section and C aptitude section. There are 12, 20 and 5 questions from these three sections respectively.

Marking Pattern:

The marking pattern of ANZ placement is not known as it is the internal policy of the company.

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