CEED Exam Pattern


Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) is an exam conducted for the candidates who aspire to become a Designer. This All India Examination is held by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay on the behalf of Ministry of Human Resource Development. Those who qualify in this exam can get admission to various Design programmes offered at the Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

Structure and Syllabus for CEED Exam

This test will be conducted in two parts having questions related to design oriented topics. Part A and Part B will be the two parts of this test. Part B will be evaluated only if the candidates are qualified in Part B. This test primarily tests the skills of the candidates given below.

  • Design Aptitude
  • Visual perception ability
  • Drawing skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • Creativity skills
  • Communication skills

Question Pattern of CEED Exam

Question paper of this exam will consist of six parts. Duration of this exam will be three hours. Marks and questions specified for each part is given below

First part will be Visual Perception and Design Sensitivity having fifteen marks. There will be seven sub-questions for this part having one main question.

Second part will be Drawing Abilities and Skills having twenty marks. There will be one question in this part having four sub- questions.

Problem Identification and Analysis will be the third part having only one question. Ten marks will be given for this part.

Fourth part will be Product Design / Interaction Design having two main questions with twenty marks. Candidates need to answer any one question from these questions. Twenty marks will be given for this part.

Fifth part will be Communication Design having ten marks. There will be three sub-parts for the fifth part. The first sub-part will contain three sub- questions and the second sub-part will contain four sub-questions. There will be two sub-questions for the third sub-part. Candidates need to answer only any one sub-part.

Sixth part will be Animation Design having twenty five marks.

Preparing for CEED Exam

Students should study hard and develop good skills. They should develop their own drawing skills. They should develop their ability to solve a problem pictorially. They should develop good knowledge in this field using architectural design books. They should understand the usage of different colours. Thus they can understand the rules of using colors, such as green for all clear, red for problem etc. If the students think their drawing abilities are very limited, then they can make use of symbols to show meanings. They should develop their skills of using symbols. They should also improve their general knowledge by reading newspaper and magazines.



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