Government jobs in the field of Company Secretaryship


A career in the field of company secretaryship is not only prestigious, but also financially rewarding and it carries high-level of job satisfaction as well. It is a field that offers employment opportunities in organizations belonging to different sectors irrespective of whether they are public sector or private sector organizations.

Educational qualification required for finding jobs in the field of company secretaryship:

Company Secretaryship course is one of the professional courses offered in India like other professional courses like CA and ICWA. Candidates with interest towards the field of company secretaryship can take up the course, which can be taken up after completion of higher secondary. Company secretaryship course is divided into three categories namely foundation course, executive course and professional course. Candidates who have completed their graduation can directly get into the executive course without the need for foundation course. Candidates can be from any educational background at the higher secondary/graduation level excluding fine arts. The final stage, which is professional programme can be taken up only by the candidates who have completed their Executive Programme.

Employment prospects in the field:

Candidates who have completed their company secretaryship course can enjoy the following employment prospects:

They can either practice as independent professional company secretary or they can find job opportunities in any organization as well

According to the Companies Act 1956, any company with a paid up capital of Rs.5 crore should compulsorily appoint a company secretary as a whole-time staff and candidate should be a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India

In addition, companies that are seeking listing on stock exchange should appoint a full-time company secretary

Almost every kind of company, whose affairs are conducted by councils, boards, corporate structures irrespective of whether it is a commission, authority, federation or association finds it useful in appointing a candidate with company secretaryship qualification

These professionals can find job opportunities in different state government and central government organizations that compulsorily need a company secretary

These points make it clear that candidates with company secretaryship qualification can find a wide range of employment opportunities.

Recent job notifications:

Recently, the government organizations that recruited candidates for the position of Company Secretary are:

Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited

Bihar State Road Development Corporation Limited

Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation Limited

Nainital Bank

Trade Promotion Organization

Thus, candidates with the aim of becoming a company secretary can take up company secretaryship course from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.



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