Haryana Board Class 10 Social Science Papers


Haryana Board is considered to be amongst the most recognized as well as respected board in the nation, which conducts class 10th exam in different subject, and one of the paper is Social Studies.

Divisions of the papers:

The paper carries a maximum of four sections. However the Long answer based question offers internal choice. Each section carries its own kind of question.

Paper Pattern:

There are a total of thirty-five questions of different types. There are four questions based on Essay types question, with internal options offered, and each carries six marks. There are seven questions based on short answer type’s question. There are six question based on very short answer types questions, sixteen questions of objective based types and there are two questions on map drawing.


The total mark of the paper is eighty. Each Long answer types question offers six marks, each short answer type’s questions carries three marks, each very short answer types questions carries two marks, each objective based questions carries one marks and each of the question on map drawing carries a maximum of seven marks.

Time allotted for examination:

The total time duration for the paper is two and half hours.

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    Which questions will be come in the social science paper in set c