IGNOU MCA Semester V papers


One who cannot do a course on a regular basis the no worries IGNOU is conducting a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course in the distance education mode. This is recognized by UGC and AICTE. The study materials are sent home by the eminent facility. The eligibility criteria to do MCA are graduation in any subject. There are 31 papers including practical papers, projects and theory papers spanning 6 semesters. CIT has 4 papers and CS-60 has 1 paper. CIT and CS-60 has to be cleared before admission to MCA 5th semester.

IGNOU MCA Semester V papers are Advanced Internet Technologies , Principles of Management and Information Systems, Computer Graphics and Multimedia  and Lab( based on MCS-051 & 053) .

The papers are basically a total of 100 marks while some of the papers have 50 marks as full marks. There are two components of the papers - Assignment and Term End Examination. Assignments are to be submitted by the students after solving them at home whereas Term End Examinations are conducted by the university twice a year during June and December. Even there is a viva component of the Assignments. The fee for the first semester examination is Rs 8000.The course starts twice a year - from January and July.

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    What is meant by ‘Temporal Parallelism’ ? With the
    help of an example, explain how breaking a task into
    multiple tasks increases speed of execution.

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    i want to mcse-004 all previous solved question papers.pl. send my Email id.

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    sabyasachi senapati:

    Find the principle vanishing points when the object is first rotated with respect to the X axis by 30° and Y axis by 60°, and then projected onto z = 0 plane, with the centre of projection being (0, 0, -10). Also define the term Vanishing point in the context of Computer Graphics.