Job Description of Fraud Analyst


Fraud Analyst as the name suggests involves detecting any fraudulent practices in the organisation. It will include detecting fraudulent practises within the organisation as well as from outside like preventing hacking, illegal transactions etc. Minimum qualification required is graduation. Additional qualification in the field like CFE, Certified Security and Forensics Analyst course will also be useful.

Job description of a Fraud Analyst

  • Fraud Analyst mainly needs to analyse various information i.e. data. The analyst must then interpret the same taking into consideration various facts. The data is collected through various internal tools. The analysis should help prevention of fraud.
  • Interaction with various departments would be helpful in improving the processes of each department.
  • Suggest methods to prevent fraud by analysing the mode of function of each department.
  • Work directly with the partner, board members for any fraud case.
  • Design and Develop tools to prevent fraud

Education qualification

Though post graduation is not a must, it will be an added advantage. Graduation can be any field like finance, computer science, economics or any other related field. Candidates can pursue specialised courses in the field of fraud management like Certified Fraud Examiners test. This course will mainly help in developing the ability to notice discrepancies and fraudulent practices. Another course offered in this field is Certified Security and Forensics Analyst course. The course mainly covers Database and Operating System Security, Network Security etc. It mainly covers the areas required to be a certified professional Hacker.

Details on the Certified Fraud Examiners test

Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) is a computerised test. The duration of the test is 10 hours which needs to be completed in 30 days. There are 4 sections and the duration of each of these sections is 2.5 hours. The test can be taken in four parts i.e. the candidate does not need to complete all the four sections together. But the candidate needs to complete at least the section that has been opened. Candidate has a maximum of 1 minute 15 seconds to complete each question. Questions will be framed in areas like financial transactions, law, investigating fraud and preventing and deterring fraud.

Skills required for becoming Fraud Analyst

It is important for the candidate to display skills like investigative skills, problem solving, data analysis techniques etc. The candidate should have excellent numerical & analytical abilities. Good verbal and written skills along with customer oriented focus are a must. The job generally involves team work so ability to build good relationships and team management are also required. Having practical knowledge in working with SQL/ Oracle, Unix and MS Office will be helpful.



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