Mumbai University-BE in Electrical Engineering-7th Sem Control System-II Papers


Control system is the study of data flows and logics. Here in mathematical systems can be properly manipulated to give result in case of electrical systems. Therefore the paper symbolizes the relations between mathematical systems and the electrical results. Students of electrical engineering need to go well through the contents of the paper in order to understand the concepts.

Importance of the paper:

Control system engineering is a very important paper in electrical engineering. Students need these concepts in numerous applications. The concepts of this paper are used in designing systems of known predefined behavior. Applications in automatic control, i.e. use of machines without human surveillanceis one of the latest developments in this field.


The paper consists of a total of 7 questions out of which the first question is compulsory, and out of the remaining 6 questions any 4 are to be answered. All questions including the compulsory question carry equal marks of 20. The first question is very important and students should take proper care to answer this question.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are such as variable gradient method to investigate the stability of a system, Non-linear system definition, and logarithmic quantizer. Liapunov’s function and its construction using Krasvoskii’s method, difference between non-linear and linear system, limit cycle and its amplitude and frequency,how to construct Lyapunov functions with the help of Krasovskii method, gradient update law, variable gradient method, factors on which the robustness of a system depends, adaptive control system,  jump response for soft spring with characteristics,  etc.

Time and marks:

Full marks are 100 and students get 3 hours to write the paper.

Recommended books:

Control system, K. Warwick

Control system Engineering, V. U. Bakshi

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