WBUT EE 7th Sem Power System - III Papers


Students are stepping ahead towards the technical courses under various universities. The Power System-III Papers carries the knowledge about the instruments that mainly deals with the voltage based problems. Students need to understand properly the formulas used to solve accurately all the problems included under the syllabus of the Power System-III Papers.

Importance of the subject:

The power system of various instruments and their mechanism of work are briefly mentioned under the B.Tech EE 7th Sem Power System - III Papers. The paper also provides the detailed information about the different compensation. Like every electric based instruments require power system to control the mechanism of the instruments. Students can go for further study in respective areas of this paper.

Paper pattern:

The paper format followed by the 7th Sem Power System - III Papers holds maximum of three groups under which the entire questions are divided. The number of questions contained by all these three groups of this paper is 12, 5 and 5 respectively. Students need to answer only ten questions from group A. three questions from group B and C respectively. Markings of every question in first group hold 1 mark. Each question in second group includes five marks and the questions of last group holds 15 marks each.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions that are regularly and continuously asked from the 7th sem Power System-III Papers are incremental cost criteria, Bewby’s Lattice diagram, different causes of switching over-voltages and exciter etc.

Marks and time:

The total marks and time allotted to the WBUT EE 7th Sem Power System - III Papers are 70 and three hours respectively.

Books recommended:

Electrical Power Systems, by Wadhwa, C.L

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