Possibility of doing MBA and M.Pharm at the same time


In this competitive world as students are trying to add higher qualifications to improve their profile, there is an apprehension among some of them on whether they can do MBA and M.Pharm at the same time. Aspirants can pursue these courses at the same time in different ways like doing one course in regular mode and other as correspondence. However it is advisable for them to understand the benefits and difficulties involved in doing two courses simultaneously before choosing to do the same.

Modes of doing MBA and M.Pharm at the same time

Aspirants can do MBA in regular mode while pursuing M.Pharm via correspondence mode and vice versa too. Yet another option is to do both MBA and M.Pharm via correspondence mode.

IGNOU, Sikkim Manipal University and Madurai Kamraj University are some of the Universities offering MBA via correspondence mode. Universities like Dr. M.G.R. Medical University and Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences offer M.Pharm course via correspondence mode.

Out of the options discussed above, the best one is to do M.Pharm via regular mode and do MBA by correspondence. It is just because there will be more practical sessions in the course curriculum of M.Pharm. And most of the areas in the course need proper guidance and class room learning could really help.

Pros and Cons of doing MBA and M.Pharm at the same time

Advantage of doing an MBA and M.Pharm together are:

  • Candidates can have both degrees at the same time
  • It is time saving
  • M.Pharm with MBA will enable them to get into managerial positions in the related fields of Pharmacy and health care

But while doing these courses it is important to give equal importance to both the courses. This is the major drawback while doing these courses together. Also, aspirants need to face certain challenges while doing the final year projects of doing both the courses together. The project work of these courses will be quite different from each other.

But if you consider the career opportunities with qualifications of M.Pharm and MBA, it is worth putting in that extra effort in doing these two courses together.



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    can i take admission in both regular n correspondence courses at the same time.or two correspondence coures at same time.is it legal

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