Suitability of Mechanical Engineering stream for girls


There is a general perception among people that mechanical engineering stream is suitable for boys only as it requires physical work. But with the advent of technological advancements and software tools, several new avenues have come up in the field of Mechanical Engineering which are suitable for girls too. Girls can find opportunities in mainly the fields of Engineering Design and Teaching.

Avenues for girls in Mechanical Engineering

For any graduate in Mechanical Engineering, there are opportunities to work in the areas of Engineering Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Thermal Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

The field of Engineering Design basically concentrates on the design of engines and other mechanical equipments. In today’s world, software tools like AutoCAD, CATIA and UniGraphics are used for creating designs. The job mainly involves the design of 2-D and 3-D components. Since only logical and creative aptitude is required to excel in this area, this is an apt area for girls to work.

Some opportunities are there in other areas too. Like in the field of Manufacturing Engineering, girls can utilize their skills in the area of design of manufacturing process. As most of the machines are now operated using Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) method, there is not much physical work required to perform different functions unlike the pre-automation era.

Certain opportunities are there for the girls in the Thermal Engineering field too like plant design outsourcing and engine design.They can also perform the roles of System supervisor and Analysts in the field of Industrial Engineering.

Job profiles available for girls in the Mechanical Engineering stream are given below.

  • CNC Programmer
  • CAD Design Engineer
  • CAD Software Testing Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Lecturer in colleges

Higher studies options for girls in Mechanical Engineering

Several higher studies options are available for girls after B.Tech to widen their career prospects. They can make a career in the field of teaching after pursuing any M.E/M.Tech course in the areas related to Mechanical Engineering. List of higher studies options suitable for girls in Mechanical Engineering are given below.

  • Master of Engineering in CAD / CAM
  • Master of Engineering in Automation and Robotics
  • Master of Technology in Engineering Analysis and Design
  • Master of Technology in Mechatronics
  • Master of Technology in CAD/CAM
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biomechanics

They can enhance their career prospects with the higher studies options available in other areas apart from Mechanical Engineering. Like they can pursue Master of Business Administration in Operations and find lucrative career opportunities in the manufacturing and engineering design sectors.

Looking through these options available for girls, it can be concluded that Mechanical Engineering field is not only suitable for boys but girls can also look for a fruitful career in this field. What is going to matter is their interest and aptitude to work in this area.



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