Sathyabama University B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-4thSem Digital Systems (6C0038) Papers


Digital Systems uses discrete values to carry discrete information like numbers, symbols or letters etc. It is used more in electronics and computing where information of real world is converted to digital signals for data communication or transfer. Quantization and sampling techniques are used for converting an analog signal to a digital signal.

What is taught in this paper?

Study of different digital systems in machinery along with the different cycles, operations, working principles and the designs are the major part of the paper.

Importance of this subject:

The paper helps students to be secure in the sector of designing and operations of Digital systems which is a main subject of Electrical & Electronics engineering.

Paper Pattern followed normally

The paper of contains 15 questions and there are division of questions are done into 2 sections as the short answer type and long answer type questions. Section A is of very short answer type questions and there are 10 questions in the section, there are no alternative in the section. The Section B is of 5 questions and these questions are equipped with internal alternative for every question. These questions are divided into 2-3 sub-questions for the comfort of students. The questions in every group are of equal marks.

Questions which are asked more often in the exam

The questions in the paper are such as universal gates, binary number, difference between PLA and PAL, difference between a decoder and a DE multiplexer, half adder, race around condition, operation of D flip-flop, advantages and disadvantages of TTL, Design a eight bit comparator using logic gates, Design a synchronous counter, Quine McClusky method, Boolean Algebra, Design a 4bit serial in serial out shift register, Explain the working of TTL, ECL and DTL etc.

Marks and time:

The particular paper is of 80 marks and time given to solve it is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Digital Systems and Applications by Vojin G. Oklobdija
  • Digital Systems by Willey Publications
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